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Stephany Eaton
Owner/Principal, GCSD|ASID Associate|LEED GA




  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
  • United States Green Building Council, MN Chapter (USGBC-MN)
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design

PureAlchemy Design comes from a classic example of passion leads to purpose. Founder Stephany Eaton spent her early years in Germany where her parents both worked in the commercial design space — her father an engineer and her mother a “Technischer Zeicherin” for an architecture firm. She was ever surrounded by creativity on a grand scale. The old-world beauty of historic Germany and the new world vision of contemporary design created a juxtaposition of stone and glass in the skyline that will forever feel like home and a source of endless inspiration for Stephany’s work. Continue reading to find out more about us.

In the true spirit of Alchemy, Stephany’s career journey didn’t begin in the traditional design space but developed into her purpose over time as she witnessed the transformation of energy and quality of life for those who occupied well-designed spaces.

With an aptitude for the sciences, becoming a chemist was a natural fit. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Stephany took a position as an Analytical Chemist at 3M. A successful career was on the horizon, but she found herself seeking more meaningful creative outlets where her talents could contribute to a better space and experience for all.

She started exploring decorative finishes and soon began working on larger scale interiors. It was an organic transition from her chemistry career to a newfound love of commercial interiors and branded spaces. After a number of years in a corporate environment, Stephany decided to step outside of her office job to pursue her passion for design.

As her client base grew, so did her desire to make a difference in people’s daily lives. While working, she undertook the pursuit of a graduate degree in Sustainable Design from Boston Architectural College. Her new path was clear and in her final research project she studied the scientific findings of how design impacts people’s wellbeing, health and productivity. This is where science truly met design and her passion was forged. With purposeful and functional design focused on the human experience, Stephany had discovered the formula to harness the power of design to transform and energize environments.

Her artistic heritage and its draw were undeniable and the transformation of her career from its original form to her passion for commercial design was the inspiration for PureAlchemy Design. Alchemy, in the chemical sense, represents the transformation of a base metal into something precious like gold. Alchemy in the general sense can represent the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary — which was exactly the vision for Stephany’s new-found career in commercial interiors. The ‘Pure’ was added as a reference to the fundamentally sustainable design approach that would always be considered.

After each design project, Stephany watched company after company transform; employees started organically wearing the brand’s colors and were excited to come to work. It was clear much of the research Stephany had completed in design school surrounding wellness and environments was very real and her clients were seeing the benefits. The science behind the experience is what drives the PureAlchemy mission to this day: to inspire authentic connection to brands and the work companies do through creative and dynamic spaces.

PureAlchemy Design celebrates a decade next year, and the mission still holds true, fortified by Stephany’s passion for people and their well-being in the workplace and experience of space. As Stephany and her team continue to design and transform environments for clients across the nation, they look toward the future of design and wellness, as the world changes and the human experience evolves. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. If you’d like to get in touch you can do so via our contact page.

Interior Design Awards

ASID 2021 First Place Commercial Retail

ASID 2016 Interior Design Merit Award, Corporate/Commercial-Offices “Best Branded Space”.

NKBA 2015 Best Use of Arti­san Material, Placed.

Issuer: National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Midwest Home Magazine 2021 - Second Place Commercial Retail

ASID 2015 Interior Design Competition Award, “1st Place Overall Corporate/Commercial-Offices”.

"Hippest Spot” 2014 in North Loop Commercial Spaces Tour.

Issuer: North Loop Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.


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