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and the Science Behind it

How we approach our project is the most significant difference between our process and what other design firms follow. We design with the human experience in mind optimizing and refining our plans for productivity, wellness, and well-being for all space inhabitants.

These elements impact productivity and wellness of the inhabitants and visitors of the project space.

Minneapolis Office Space Design

Workers shouldn’t feel hindered by their office spaces. Whether they’re operating from very small and cramped quarters or have a vast space awaiting a more personal touch, there are considerations that all businesses need to make that’s appropriate for what’s available to them at the time. Here at PureAlchemy, we will generally focus on 3 main areas to ensure effective office space design.

Aspects of Office Space Design

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is far healthier for the human eye when compared to artificial light sources. When an office space is lit by fluorescent lighting, workers will often report a strong sense of eye strain, headaches, and feel almost as if the world is closing in on them. This is something that must be avoided at all costs and is the crux of designing a brand-new office or other functional workspace.

A proper lighting design plan will incorporate natural light wherever possible. Being exposed to natural sunlight in higher amounts helps regulate feelings of alertness and focus, which in turn can affect the productivity of workers for the better. Drowsiness brought on by artificial fixture selections is perhaps one of the easiest aspects of an office space design to fix and is usually our first design suggestion when creating a new office space. Our team knows a great deal about lighting and how it should be used properly to help boost productivity.

Employee Facilities

Employees spend a great deal of time working in an office space to help improve an employer’s business. For this reason, high-quality welfare facilities and break room updates should be provided and their design should flow seamlessly and integrate well with an employee’s own office space. By creating a more harmonized space, employees are likely to spend less time “away from work” while resting or having a meal and can remain more productive throughout their day.

Kitchen and bathroom updates should follow the other standard approaches to refreshing an office space design: they must incorporate natural light, must consider functionality as well as aesthetic appeal, and must take into account those employees who will actually be using the facilities.


There is an increasing amount of businesses who are foregoing the traditional reception area and creating a more modular and dual-purpose front room design that allows both visitors and employees alike to make use of it. These reception desk and space updates can unlock a lot of “hidden space” that may otherwise go amiss in an office design and can be an excellent move when reception facilities aren’t truly utilized in a business or could be automated by digital processes, touchscreens, or even physical designs that guide visitors towards their intended destinations.

An office space design is one that requires a multi-faceted approach in order to create a warm, inviting space that fosters both creativity and productivity. Most businesses would benefit from the input of a designer who has the experience in handling space projects of any size. Contact PureAlchemy Design today to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation and free estimate.

“Stephany was wonderful to work with. She listened and understood our needs as we were expanding and relocating our offices to new space. Very good at coordinating communications with sub-contractors. We were very happy with the end result. On time and on budget!”

Orrin Broberg, President, CEO, Modus,

“Working with PureAlchemy was a delight! What we appreciated most about Stephany was her commitment in designing the space to be not only gorgeous, but moreover an environment allowing each SeaChanger to be productive, focused and happy. We now have a space conveying the creative and colorful personality of SeaChange and an unforgettable first impression.”

Wendi Breuer, President and CEO, SEACHANGE

“I would highly recommend Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy! We re-launched our company this past spring and had the good fortune to work with Stephany as she designed our new office space in downtown Minneapolis. Stephany nailed it!”

Jeff CanhamPartner, Prestige Global Meeting Source

“Stephany Eaton brings a level of vision, creativity, and passion that is palpable. She entered our world, identified our culture, developed a keen, intuitive understanding of who and what we are, how we see ourselves, and how we wanted the world to see us. She took all of this information and created an inspired vision for our space. She recognized that the environment she was creating was to both reflect and inspire us. Saying she achieved this is an understatement.”

 Brian B. ReidingerPartner and Creative Director, inthegroove

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