The Elements

Of Office Space Design

The Science Behind Smart Space Design

Our design approach is the most significant difference between our process and the format other design firms follow. We design with the human experience in mind optimizing and refining our plans for productivity, wellness, and well-being for everyone who interacts with the space, in-person and virtual. The alchemy of these six elements create dynamic spaces.

Office Space Design

The Alchemy
Of Office Space Interior Design

Office Space Interior Design

Workspace Lighting

Studies indicate that a well-lit workplace is essential for optimizing performance. In fact, over the last two decades, science has reliably demonstrated that light has a positive impact on health and wellbeing no matter your industry.

Office Layout & Design to Increase Productivity

Employees require workplace solutions that facilitate the flow of information and ideas. By making smart design choices about open floor plans, collaborative locations, and individual employees spaces, we can increase both productivity and communication.
commercial space interior design
Using natural light in the office interior design

Office Design That Incorporates Exposure to Daylight & Nature

Use of daylight in an office helps people regulate circadian rhythms which is a natural way to reduce stress in the workday. We also naturally boost mood and energy by maximizing employee exposure to daylight.

Including Activity & Ergonomics in the Workplace

Workplaces that are designed for and around people are more likely to be comfortable, flexible, and support productivity over time. By modifying our work environment we are able to make crucial changes for the health of our employees.

Interior design for activity and ergonomics in the office workplace
Interior designer Minneapolis area that uses color to add visual interest in office space design

Visual Interest: Adding Color to the Office

Humans are complex and a bland homogenous environment hinders creativity, productivity, and health. Studies show that color influence people universally, making the addition of color to a space the ideal visual enhancement for maximum performance.

Acoustics: Perfecting the Balance of Sound in the Workplace

Excess noise has been repeatedly tied to reduced cognitive performance. If your office space is experiencing negative acoustic affects, it may be time to consider altering the sound environment of your workplace.

managing sound in the workplace with interior design

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