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Positioned by experience and an established creative relationship, PureAlchemy’s founder, Stephany Eaton, had the opportunity to design the Paisley Park pop-up shop at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

The shop was open for business from Nov 2020 to May 2021 and welcomed guests into an immersive experience that included thematic artwork, unique merchandise, and, of course, a lot of purple. Using our Pop-Up Store Design service, Paisley Park were incredibly happy with the result.

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Designing a Space Worthy of Prince’s Legacy 

While Eaton’s approach hinges on the same design elements across all space types, her goal for this project was translating the sense of activity and life always present at Paisley Park. The experimental design was meant to encapsulate what it feels like to be a Paisley Park guest, inviting retail visitors to partake in the multi-functional space as if they were interacting with Prince himself. 

Being that many of the visitors will have personal experiences with Prince’s music, Eaton also utilized the visual and interactive elements to add another dimension to their experience. The space provided a tangible museum-like environment that beckoned participants to marinate in nostalgia and relive their best music and film memories of the artist.

Utilizing Sensory Elements to Enhance the Customer’s Experience

It’s this tangibility, the sensory elements, that complement human experience in a way that brings spaces to a new level. The Paisley Park pop-up shop did so through the dynamic use of lights, intentionally placed artifacts from Prince’s history, and eye-catching murals. There were also live podcast interviews on display as well as replays of intimate performances and concert footage. 

The result of Eaton’s work was a hint of magic that was ever-present in the Prince’s life and music, magic that could be experienced by all who entered the shop. Her personal favorite element was the Purple Rain Experience, a section of the shop dedicated to the iconic song, “Purple Rain.”

Of course, there was much more that went into this unique space. See the Artful Living article on the subject for more information on PureAlchemy’s Paisley Park pop-up shop design.

Pop-up Shop Interior Design from PureAlchemy

Pop-up shops in their limited lifespan must be equal parts memorable and functional with the goal of a positive experience in mind. They should be memorable in the sense that they’ll be talked about long after they’re gone, and functional in that they should guide guests toward vital points of emphasis.  

PureAlchemy Design offers retail space design on a wide scale, incorporating corporate brand elements and unique merchandising opportunities while also putting the customer first along the way.

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