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dental office interior designThis very personable Doctor of Dentistry wanted to remake her offices into a place that would be warm and inviting for both her patients and employees. Her hope was to strike a balance between the casual atmosphere of a caribou coffee and the relaxing energy of a spa. As a result, they used our Dental Office Interior Design service.

The Doctor had specific goals for the project which prioritized creating a more welcoming reception area for her clients as well as a better sense of arrival and place upon entering the building. The current reception was bisected by a large open-air vestibule which made the already small space feel very confining. With this, over-sized furniture dominated the forward space limiting capacity as well as functionality with the various types of individual and family visitors. Our first goal was to open the reception space and introduce a more dynamic function to engage and welcome employees and patients alike.

The doctor also wanted to improve the patient experience in the treatment spaces by introducing calming color and a monitor over each client chair to allow for a comforting distraction during treatment. In their practice they see their patients as more than just their teeth and work to create a more holistically minded experience.

Employee satisfaction was a significant priority, particularly with the stresses of additional Covid-19 protocols. So, a back office including a true breakroom, lounge and meeting space became a part of the project’s ultimate goals. With updates to office technology, the doctor also wanted to prioritize a more clean and efficient work environment for her staff. Custom cabinetry was designed and installed for higher productivity and ease of workflow.

Today the doctor and her employees are elated to go to work in an updated office space that truly suits the way they care for their patients.


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