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Creating a stunning and functional office design takes a lot of work. Contact our team today to learn about our stress-free office space transformations.

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How We Apply Your Commercial Space Design in Eden Prairie Ideas

Your workspace is crucial to the productivity of your team and your reputation. The layout, decor, and office furniture within your commercial real estate can either impress people or turn them away. At PureAlchemy Design, our goal is to enhance your office design in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

As a world-class interior design firm, we value employee comfort and how the work environment influences productivity and first impressions. Every project for office design in Eden Prairie includes plans for the well-being and productivity of anyone who uses the space.

Our interior designers pay close attention to the needs and goals of each client to combine their needs with out expertise.


The result is an office design that reflects the company, maximizes your team’s potential, and helps your brand stand out from others.

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Our Commercial Interior Design Process

When you’re ready to transform your workspace with the help of PureAlchemy Design, we’ll begin the process with a consultation. During the consultation, we will:

  • Develop Clear Goals and Objectives for the Project
  • Determine the Need for Office Furniture
  • Discuss the Budget and Scheduling

When working with PureAlchemy Design, you can expect to receive top-tier commercial interior design services. Once we fully understand your needs, our experts will handle the project from start to finish.

We not only take care of the interior design, but we also work with vetted construction contractors with years of experience. If your office design project requires any construction to improve the layout and flow of the space, we will get it done.

We Are Experienced Professional Office Space Designers!

Putting your office space in the hands of inexperienced interior designers can lead to unwanted results. However, PureAlchemy Design consists of highly experienced and trained decorators, planners, and consultants. Our skills and design expertise helps us maintain a reputation as one of Minnesota’s best office design companies.

Stephany Eaton, the owner of PureAlchemy Design, has affiliations with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the United States Green Building Council, MN Chapter (USGBC-MN). Our company continues to win industry awards under her guidance, such as the ASID Design Merit Award in 2017 for “Best Bang-for-the-Buck” and the NKBA Best Use of Artisan Material in 2015.

As an award-winning commercial space interior design firm, we offer clients custom solutions to their office design needs. We provide an authentic design experience that balances efficiency with visual appeal. Our team has an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients, including Thrivent Financial and Ameriprise Minnetonka.

Office Space Design FAQs


Why is the interior of an office important?

Employees spend the majority of their day inside the office. If the workspace is drab or uncomfortable, workers may feel unmotivated, resulting in a drop in productivity. With a functional, stylish, and comfortable work environment, employees have more positive experiences during business hours, boosting productivity.

An attractive office also helps the business brand itself and set itself apart from competitors. Interior design influences people’s energy and moods. Developing a balanced office design can help or hinder a company’s success.

What makes a good office design?

A good office design has a blend of function and style. It also encourages collaboration and creativity among colleagues by incorporating these elements:


  • Good lighting, both natural and artificial
  • Comfortable office furniture
  • Pleasing color scheme
  • Adequate break facilities
  • Movement-based layout
  • Optimal acoustics

How do you design an office interior?

Designing an office interior requires an understanding of floor design, lighting, colors, flooring, furniture, and storage. Every component is vital to the overall design, but they should work harmoniously. Hiring a professional commercial interior design firm can help you plan and execute your vision.

    Hire PureAlchemy Design for Your Office Design in Eden Prairie!

    Finding the right interior design firm to revamp your office space is an important step. Office design is how you set the tone and create a welcoming environment for your employees and customers. A skilled and experienced design firm will make the ideal work environment that helps you meet and exceed the goals for your business.

    PureAlchemy Design is an award-winning interior design firm specializing in office design in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Our team of experts strives to make the design process as stress-free as possible for every client. We’ll combine your needs, your company’s goals, and our expertise to design a space where your business can thrive.

    No project is too big or small for our professionals to handle. Call (612) 386-5154 today to schedule a consultation with one of our helpful team members for office design in Eden Prairie, MN.