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Just What Is a Retail Space Buildout?

A retail space buildout is the application of a new architectural design in an empty, or previously otherwise occupied, commercial space brought to completion. These retail buildouts can include structural changes, cosmetic updates, and functional upgrades for the sake of a better guest experience.

How extensive the retail buildout is will depend on the owner’s budget, project timeframe, and the goals of the business. Every shop comes with its own unique needs and, now more than ever, retail buildouts require custom solutions for an effective design. This can be particularly true when designing and executing temporary shopping hotspots like a themed pop-up shop, where budgets and timelines can be tight and the desire for impact is high.

How Does a Retail Buildout Plan Work?

In a retail buildout plan, your designer will work with you to decide on the best possible buildout within the confines of your budget. That includes the visual appeal, sensory engagement, branding elements, and the customer’s ideal journey. Then, the designer and their team will work with construction contractors and other vendors to bring the chosen design to fruition.

Why Care About Your Retail Design?

Retail outlets in today’s age face challenges unique to the consumer industry as retail customers continue to look for more convenient ways to shop. In fact, over 27% of the world’s population shops online regularly.

So how can the everyday, or pop-up, retail shop compete with the growing convenience of eCommerce? By implementing a retail design that’s tailored to the guest experience, an experience that engages the senses and evokes emotions.

Sensory Engagement in Your Smart Retail Space Design – How It Works

Your ideal designer will design with the human experience in mind, refining the buildout plans to optimize productivity, wellness, and well-being for employees and customers. They’ll do so by adhering to specific elements of design, some of which include:

  • Lighting
  • Daylight & Nature
  • Acoustics
  • Visual Interest

The elements that are more specific to guests’ sensory experience are of utmost importance. Intentional lighting can have positive effects on well-being and incorporations of natural influences (like daylight) can reduce stress.

Of course, there’s also sound and color to consider.

Excess or chaotic noise can negatively impact your guest and be a hindrance to their experience. The design layout should also complement the use of music throughout the space. Have you ever had a completely quiet retail experience?

Finally, the use of color presents an opportunity to not only appeal to the customer visually but to do so with the company’s branding styles as well – which brings us to the next point.

A Buildout Design Fit for Your Brand

Branding is an integral part of leaving a lasting impression on customers. Your brand’s colors should be incorporated throughout the space—with respect to visual appeal—and the tone of your retail space should reflect that of the company’s very values.

Are you looking for a warm and inviting tone? Flashy and fun? Or, sleek and professional? When your retail buildout pairs the customer experience with the best of your branding elements, you’ll have a working equation for long-term design success.   

Evoking Emotions in Your Retail Space

Your retail buildout should evoke emotions in your guests, specifically positive emotions. If the design adheres to the above elements and follows company branding guidelines, odds are you’ll evoke some emotions in customers.

But another surefire way to do this is by creating a space where customers feel like they’re connected with the business. Visual elements, for example, that provoke conversation or furniture that’s designed to encourage relaxation. Inviting interaction is another way to do this. Some companies install chalkboards for customers to use or even arcade games.

PureAlchemy Design – Elevating Your Guest’s Experience

PureAlchemy Design brings an award-winning commercial design approach to retail space buildouts that’s backed by the sciences of the human experience. We are alchemists of design who transform ordinary spaces into energized, branded environments that elevate the lives of employees and guests.

We’re proud to have worked on influential projects like Prince’s Paisley Park museum and Mall of America retail spaces.

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