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“While poor lighting is sure to be stressful and annoying no matter what room you may be in, it can be especially problematic in a home office or in any business setting; in fact, bad lighting is one of the most popular complaints from office employees around the globe”

So, what is the right amount of lighting and what type of light source should you seek for your office building? Take these guidelines into consideration while you decide.

Types of Lighting: There are a few different options to choose from, and each type has its own specific purpose and its own distinct advantages and disadvantages…combine these various types of lighting to create a properly lit working atmosphere.


Windows are prized possessions in any office building. Depending on your workspace, natural light is not always going to be a viable option. Take advantage of it when you can and set up your office furniture accordingly, or even better when planning the office layout like the Vernanda Space in our Prestige Global Meeting Source Project.

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It’s usually best to add other types of lighting and not rely solely on an overhead light. As far as fixtures go, you will want to opt for lensed indirect lighting as opposed to direct parabolic lighting.


If your office lacks sufficient natural and overhead light, you may want to consider adding task lighting to employee desks. There are even LED task lights and lamps made to emulate the look of natural light.


Stressed out while you work? It might have less to do with your workload and more to do with your surroundings. Ambient lighting has a low intensity that can help you create a more peaceful atmosphere.


Working with a computer day in and day out for hours at a time can cause eye strain and even migraines. Placing corrective lighting behind your computer monitor can help immensely. The corrective lighting helps to diminish the glare coming from the screen.

Lastly, you should consider how the wall color of your office or workspace affects the lighting. Super bright or glossy wall paint can cause glare, so you may want to avoid choices that fall under those categories. Shared from “How to Property light your Office”.


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