Welcome to the Painted Ambiance blog! I hope you’ll visit often for inspiration and to see how I am bringing creative custom designs from conception to reality in homes and businesses.

As a decorative artisan, I am always looking for fresh ideas to inspire my work. In the city, I love seeing detailed, old world architecture contrasted next to the sleek lines of modern day skyscrapers. 

Inspiration is everywhere – and we all see it differently. For example, I recently I finished a project for homeowners in the beautiful river bluffs of southeastern Minnesota. Their log home was inspired by the Yellowstone lodge and though they loved it, they yearned to make it their own. Surrounded by nature’s majestic beauty, they longed to see it reflected inside their home as well.

PA Aurora 15aWorking with specially chosen glass tile, I transformed two rooms in their home. I created a rendition of the aurora borealis in the powder room, bringing dancing Northern Lights to life in this cozy space. 

PA KitchenIn the kitchen, a multi-hued mosaic backsplash “Nature’s Yin and Yang” brings to life the extremes we see in nature – the changing seasons, water, trees, moon and sun. The design and colors welcome family and friends to this favorite gathering space. The homeowners call it “art you can live with” – I love that.

Whether found in the beauty of nature or in the clean, strong lines of an urban landscape, I help my clients bring their inspirations to life in homes and businesses. 


Where do you find inspiration? In nature? At a museum? In a child’s eyes? Let me know by posting a comment – I look forward to hearing from you!




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