Ways Noise Affects Productivity. PureAlchemy Design. Office Design Minneapolis 1 “Sound affects us psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally, even though we’re not aware of it‘ – Julian Treasure, CEO The Sound Agency.

Ways That Office Noise Impacts Productivity

Creatively implementing sound control within a design is an important factor within the trending more open spaces we see today. According to a Cornell University study by psychologists Gary Evans and Dana Johnson, “clerical workers who were exposed to open-office noise for three hours had increased levels of epinephrine—a hormone that we often call adrenaline, associated with the so-called fight-or-flight response.” In more basic terms…Noise stresses us out! Other ways that noise impacts us include:

·      Reducing our Productivity.

·      Other People’s Conversations Dilute our Concentration.

·      Reduced Productivity is Costly to the Bottom-line.

·      Multitasking Becomes Even More Difficult.

For more insight check out 12 Ways Noise Affects Worker Well-being And Productivity.

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