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NeoCon 2019 Showcases Biophilic Design

PureAlchemy Design had the chance to attend this year’s NeoCon, the highly anticipated event for the commercial design industry, at The Mart in Chicago. And the inspiration we gathered wandering the eight floors of showrooms left us with a full palette of what is new and what’s trending.

Once again, Nature and Daylighting were brought to the forefront as Biophilic Design continues its growth in adoption to the norm. There is good reason and Science behind it as maximizing a person’s exposure to daylight and views of nature within in a space is both energy wise and mood elevating. “Biophilic design continues to pop into our workspaces as studies show nature-influenced design can reduce stress levels, positively improve our mood, and help increase our productivity.” 5 Design Trends That Were Everywhere at NeoCon 2019.

From Carpet patterns, wall treatments and sculptural accents, nature and its form were abundant. Our Nature Inspirations at NeoCon 2019…

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Daylighting and exposure to nature can also be realized through creative lighting and windows within a space. As with Our Project with FirstChoice Minneapolis.

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PUREALCHEMY DESIGN Pinterest Board: BIOPHILIA…Nature and Daylighting.

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