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2023 is here. Isn’t it odd to think it’s nearly been three years since the first COVID lockdown? When it comes to the workplace, employers continue to implement designs intended to provide flexibility to the employee while supporting work productivity for the sake of the bottom line. This post will cover just that – with specific attention to the commercial office buildout.

Understanding the Function of an Office Buildout

First, let’s review what it means to implement an office buildout. When employers invest in an empty office space, they’re often left with large, unutilized spaces. In the past, companies may have dropped in a few dozen cubicles, a water cooler, and some motivational posters. But the expectations of the experienced employee base are much higher than this. A functional office buildout in 2023 implements much more than pseudo-inspiration and utilities for basic human needs. Read the following tips to see what we mean.

Tip 1: Offer Flexibility

With the shift to remote work, many businesses are looking for ways to create flexible workspaces that can accommodate both in-office and remote employees. This may involve designing offices with a mix of private and open workspaces, as well as incorporating technology that enables virtual meetings and collaboration.

When you offer flexibility, you present the workplace as a trusted space where the employee’s authorship may be exercised for the best possible work situation. This can work wonders for their overall attitude and general wellness.  

Tip 2: Promote Health & Wellness

Speaking of wellness, the pandemic has brought a new focus on health and wellness in the workplace, and this is likely to continue in 2023. Businesses will surely look for ways to incorporate features that promote physical and mental health, such as standing desks, natural lighting, and outdoor spaces. Imagine a working environment where you can promptly respond to dozens of emails while ensuring you get those beloved steps in before the day’s end.

Office Design Lighting

As you implement a new design focused on health and wellness, don’t forget the importance of good office lighting. Your workspaces need intentional lighting designs or you risk affecting your employees’ psychological state. Maybe it sounds like we’re being dramatic, but lighting has proven to impact productivity – design accordingly.

Acoustic Comfort

Another health and wellness factor easily addressed by intentional design: acoustic comfort. Research suggests that workers can lose nearly 90 minutes per day due to workplace distractions like chatter and miscellaneous office noise. It’s no wonder employees have grown accustomed to productivity at home. How you set up technology, private spaces, and conference areas can all impact the overall acoustic experience of the office and therefore impact the human experience.

Tip 3: Design for Hybrid-appropriate Collaborations

With the increased reliance on remote work, it will be important for office buildouts in 2023 to facilitate collaboration and connection among employees. This may involve designing spaces that encourage face-to-face interactions, as well as incorporating technology that enables virtual meetings and collaboration.

AV Equity

Work Design Magazine presents an idea labeled “AV Equity” when addressing this measure. The implementation of adequate AV equity will foster “the alignment of properly designed spaces, furniture, technology systems and meeting etiquette to level the playing field and foster a sense of belonging for all participants.”

Tip 4: Adhere to Sustainability

Okay, this isn’t a tip that lends itself to elements of design or workplace efficiency. But sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in office design (and interior design in general), and this is likely to continue in 2023.

Businesses may look for ways to incorporate sustainable features into their office buildouts, such as energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, water-saving fixtures, and recycled or sustainable materials.

What can sustainability do for your business? Sustainability can not only benefit your monthly utility bill, but it can do a lot for morale and company culture. Just read this article from Forbes on the topic.

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