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Upcycled Interior Design

Upcycling has been increasingly popular since the early 2000s. From artwork made with packaging waste to practical household objects made from secondhand materials, crafty individuals around the world have been transforming garbage and other waste items into useful products for years.

No website exemplifies the growth of the upcycling movement more than the popular homemade product marketplace ETSY. In 2010, the number of upcycled products on Etsy was about 8,000. Only a year later, the number had reached a staggering 30,000: artwork, toys, stationary, sculptures, furniture – no waste is safe in the hands of an innovative upcycler. 

You too can adopt an upcycler’s eye when seeking out ways to creatively decorate your living space. Whether you’re decorating your entire home or even just a single room like your office, upcycling can be an incredibly rewarding and inexpensive way to accomplish your interior design needs in an eco-friendly way.

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