As we navigate through 2023, organizations should be prioritizing their office layout and design to nurture their employees’ well-being and productivity. The workspace is evolving into a critical tool for fostering an engaged, healthy workforce—it is essential to consider both individuals and the tasks they are performing,” says Taylor Reynolds, Chief People Officer, EngageCorp.


Flexible Work Environments: This trend, driven by the modern workforce’s demand for flexibility and adaptability, sees the office transforming into an agile space that can accommodate various working styles—from individual focus areas to collaborative hubs.

Hybrid Office Designs: Responding to the shift towards remote and in-person working models, the Hybrid Office Design trend has gained traction significantly in the last 2-3 years. This design approach crafts a space that supports seamless transitions between remote and on-site work.

Nature-Infused Design: Extending beyond a trend, Nature-Infused Design emphasizes the scientifically supported benefits of integrating natural elements into our workspaces. With a significant portion of life spent indoors, particularly in our current era, this design trend is more prominent than ever.

Residential-Inspired Comfort: As a signal that employers are deeply attuned to the needs and wants of their teams, Residential-Inspired Comfort designs are transforming offices into more welcoming, homely environments. Spaces reminiscent of a modern living room, like the Lounge Area of Zenith Workspaces, epitomize this design trend in action.

2023 COLORS OF THE YEAR: Sherwin-Williams

“An inviting blend of earthy brown and soothing green… TerraVerde SW 6724, is our 2023 Color of the Year.” This color exudes “a grounded, earth-connected ambiance that can create a tranquil and nurturing atmosphere in any space. Its harmonious tone is designed to foster focus and serenity…”

Benjamin Moore

To underscore the wide spectrum of design possibilities, Benjamin Moore has announced that the 2023 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is a vibrant and energetic shade they have named ‘Radiant Rush’.

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