To hope & dream is not to ignore the practical. It is to dress it
in colors and rainbows.”
– Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef
photo credit – “Rainbow” by Agnes F.  

I’ve been thinking lately about how I approach my work, and realize I have a definite process to manage each new project.When I begin a project, I use three basic steps – consider using your version of these in your next project, or when working with a new client. We’ll start today and finish it in the next post – let’s get started! My three steps are:

1.  Determine the objective
2.  Develop the concept 
3.  Complete the experience

1. Determine the objective: It is important to ask questions to determine the objective of a project, but I suggest lots of LISTENING as well. Personally, I feel we are all so busy communicating electronically that we forget to simply sit and listen. In addition to carefully LISTENING to the responses I also strongly recommend close OBSERVATION – look forvisual cues in your client’s environment that teach you something about them then sit back, listen and observe – you’ll learn a lot.
If you are working on a personal project, you’ll still need to determine the objective of it, so ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • How will the space/project be used?
  • Who will use it?
  • Who will be potentially affected by this project?
  • What are some of the specifics that must be met?
  • And, of course, my main inspiration…what would you like the observer of the space to “feel” while in that place?
IMG 12041

2. Develop the concept – Now that you’ve listened to your client, or determined the objectives for your own personal project, continue by developing the concept. Throughout the process, I am mindful of how it will meet client expectations, both emotionally and physically. For example, consider these questions:

  • Is the space warm & comforting? Inspirational? Fresh and vibrant?
  • Which colors or material choices best meet those needs?
  • Which feelings or emotions must be conveyed?
  • What colors come to mind? Vibrant blues? Muted, understated neutrals? Which colors “speak” to this project/client best?

Consider these questions and we’ll finish up the process in the next post. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions here on my blog. And best of luck to you on your next project!


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