Last month, I began writing about the 3-step process I use when approaching any new project – as a refresher, they are:
1.Determine the Objective      2.Develop the Concept      3.Complete the Experience
We stopped about mid-way through the process, so let’s continue. When considering the concept, bear these things in mind:
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  • Do you want the project to convey a consistent message or to convey contrasting points of view, for example the soft curves of an old-world piece with the sleek lines of a contemporary one? Comforting, welcoming tones throughout or urban chic?
  • Begin to consider the unexpected. Here is where you start to bring the real meaning to life…what is something you can bring to the project that is unique to THIS specific client?
  • This is also when you should investigate what can be repurposed, recycled or reinvented. I’m a big believer in making the best use of what you have and going beyond that. This can save money, reduce waste and be the igniter of great creative inspiration! 
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3. Complete the experience – This is the fun part for me – bringing all of the pieces together from conception to completion. Through a careful selection of materials, lighting, colors and textures I am able to see the completed space or project.

  • Throughout the process, I am mindful of how the project will be experienced physically, artistically and emotionally.
  • I stay keenly aware of these objectives during the entire design and project management process.
  • I think about how the space will be used, the likes and dislikes of the client, the feeling they want to have when visitors visit their space.
  • Overall, I want to ensure the space or project represents what is most important to the client, and what they want the space to say about them, because I believe a space provides emotional feedback.
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