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The Sustainable Fabric Frontier

The innovations in sustainable fabrics frontier have become downright AWE Inspiring! Not only that, their colors, patterns and textures are making the world of design broader than ever. But what you can’t tell by looking at these innovative fabrics are the surprising things they are made from.


Silica, also known as sand, is being used to create the most sustainable alternative to vinyl. Silica Prints, colorful and design forward, offer all the environmental, cleaning and performance benefits of Silica with endless design possibilities. The broad design impact of the introduction of Silica print materials gives us durable, interesting and alternatives never seen previously.


Made entirely from recycled polyester fibers Sensuede is becoming known as the “the first luxury faux suede that’s eco-friendly, enviro-conscious and earth-conscious,”. Comprised of both post-industrial and post-consumer sources, including PET bottles. The material is highly stain resistant making it long-lasting.


The leaves of the pineapple plant have recently become one of the most sustainable vegan leather alternatives on the market. Made from pineapple leaf fiber, this innovative fabric is not only a natural, biodegradable product that reduces bi-product waste and provides additional income to farmers who were otherwise throwing pineapple leaves away!

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