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Trends in Staircase Design

According to online interior inspiration specialists Houzz, interiors are set to get cosier with warm wood tones, rich tones and innovative design. A trend reaffirmed by Pantones colour of the year 2018; Ultra Violet. The combination of warm natural wood tones and glass has been staple Trends in Staircase Design.

Staircase design falls primarily into two main categories; traditional and modern, although merging of the old of the new has been common practice in recent years. In 2018 staircases are set to be all about making the most of the space and the trend for minimal design and sleek glass balustrades look set to continue.

Making the most of the space could just be perceived as purely aesthetic, ensuring the right look and feeling is achieved using the right materials, which is always a sensible and obvious approach. However, in 2018 we are set to see the trend of innovative use of space and intriguing designs continue.

Popularity of multi-use staircases with wall lined with bookcases and incorporated storage will increase, especially in many of our cities where it makes sense for elements in your home to serve more than one purpose. Other fashionable uses of staircase space include the incorporation of wine cellars underneath the stairs and well crafted, innovative and beautifully installed storage spaces.

The key material for 2018 will be glass due to its multifunctional use, whether in conjunction with sleek modern airy designs, used to create the illusion of space and transparency or used to specifically allow clear views to innovative design features like the aforementioned wine cellar under the staircase.

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