Executive Office Design Ideas

With so much change in the office dynamic, now is the perfect time to rethink the layout of your executive office. While a comprehensive revamped office layout focuses on the human experience for well-being and productivity, the executive office design presents an opportunity to take things a step further and into relatability and approachability.

This post will cover the ways executives can express their personalities and generate opportunities to enhance their daily experience and  connect with employees on a meaningful level.

 Share Your Personal Style Through Artwork

An easy way to enhance your personal office space is with artwork. Murals work especially well when it comes to adding a character statement to an entire space. They benefit an environment by adding a nice visual appeal and by creating a talking point for guests whose eyes will no doubt turn toward the mural as they enter.

Another great feature of the mural: you literally have a blank canvas to work with. You’ll, of course, want to respect company values in your choice, but there is an abundance of different directions you can take in selecting the right image for your mural statement design. Do you love nature? Why not put up a mural of a landscape to create a welcoming mood? Passionate about books? Add a wall of quotes from your favorite writers or authors.

Framed artwork also has a place here and if you have a collection of related pieces, even better. The point here is to introduce some personality into your space so that it can inspire and energize your work while making you more relatable.

Highlight Your Favorite Things or a Hobby

Speaking of passions, why not add a shelf or two of your favorite things. A collection of trophies from a softball league, maybe? Or perhaps you want to highlight your family a bit and add a shelf dedicated to your vacations and milestones.

Adding these personal life highlights into your workspace will show that, while you care about the bottom line and company growth, your passions extend well-beyond work. They give a glimpse into who you are – a well-rounded person who is full of life.

Incorporate a Theme

Branding the office and utilizing branding elements is still a vital aspect of your company’s office design. But when it comes to the executive office, personalization doesn’t have to clash with this design element.

A thoughtful executive office design could incorporate a theme that suits you; colors you prefer and a tone of hospitality that inspires a visitor. For example, incorporating abundant natural light can have positive effects on mental health and general well-being. Don’t be afraid to embrace a theme that speaks to you personally, you’ll be rewarded with the ambiance and gift something memorable to those that visit.

Why Redesign Your Office?

The Problem With the Current Office Dynamic

There exists a divide between the executive and the employee as it relates to company philosophies, particularly the future of office dynamics. Employees value their freedom of schedule brought by a hybrid or remote setup while executives hope to reshape a cohesive culture for the sake of company equilibrium.

Not only that, but with so many new employees after last year’s Great Resignation, the gap between leaders and their new hires is naturally reinforced by the simple fact that they do not know each other and, thanks to hybrid working, they have had little opportunity to bridge that gap.

The Design Solution

As companies continue to face these challenges brought on by the pandemic, many executives and managers are utilizing new office designs as a possible solution. The hope is that an office redesign or a creative office buildout would liven things up and better support the human experience for employees.

Adding a new executive office design into the mix will not only bring the office into the modern work era, but it will also add a personal touch that may not have otherwise existed in the everyday office space. 

Optimize Your Workspace With Intentional Elements of Design

At PureAlchemy Design, we center our office design philosophy on the six elements of space design that support the human experience. Those elements are:

  • Lighting
  • Daylight and nature
  • Acoustics
  • Activity and ergonomics
  • Layout
  • Visual interest

For a modern executive office design, all elements will work together to result in a welcoming space that both inspires productivity and manifests your personality.

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