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Welcome to our retail interior design services, where we help businesses make their mark in the retail industry with inspiring and memorable store designs.

retail interior design

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Looking For Retail Interior Design?

Retail Interior Design

In today’s retail landscape, having a strong visual presence is critical. Consumers have more choices than ever, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to capture attention and stand out from the competition. That’s where our retail interior design services come in–we help companies create a visual identity that’s both memorable and effective.

Our team of experienced and talented designers works closely with our retail clients to understand their businesses, brands, and unique visions. We take the time to understand our clients’ target audience, competition, and goals, so that we can create completely customized and effective store designs.

We believe every business is unique, and whether a client is looking for a complete retail design interior overhaul or just needs a few tweaks to an existing space, we’re here to help. 

Designing a Retail Store

We design from the perspective of the human experience in a space. This means we integrate design components with other aspects of the space experience–wellness, well-being, and productivity. We focus on six core elements in retail store designing to create a space with a real experiential quality:
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Layout
  • Visual Interest
  • Daylight & Nature
  • Activity & Ergonomics

Inside of these retail design interiors elements, we focus on the following.


Lighting plays a crucial role in establishing the right environment in a store. We create lighting systems that are both functional and impactful, highlighting products and creating inviting spaces. We incorporate daylight as much as possible, believing that natural light does all kinds of good things for spaces and the people in them.

Visual Interest

Visual merchandising is all about creating immersive and engaging shopping experiences for customers. We design retail store spaces to set the stage for eye-catching displays that showcase products in the best possible light.

Store Design and Layout

When it comes to the layout design of retail store spaces, we build configurations that are appealing and functional, considering account traffic flow, product placement, and customer experience.

Branding and Identity

Store designs should reflect a business’s branding and identity. We create visual representations of brand identity that are both unique and memorable, using logos, color palettes, and other specific branding elements in retail store designs.

Materials and Finishes

The materials and finishes in a store impact the overall look and feel of a space. We choose materials and finishes that are practical and visually appealing, resulting in stores with a distinctive edge and an unforgettable look.

Custom Fixtures and Displays

Custom fixtures and displays add distinctive touches to retail interiors design. We select fixtures and displays that align with a store’s unique ethos and brand.

We Love Pop-up Shop Design

Pop-up shops are a fantastic way to generate buzz and excitement around a brand. They provide an opportunity to showcase products in a fresh and different way and help businesses connect with new customers and build deeper relationships with existing ones.

Important Pop-up Shop Considerations

When creating the best pop-up shop design, we look at a few key factors. We think about the precise location of the shop, how long it will stay in that location, how people will access it, what other businesses surround it, and if it is exposed to the weather.

The layout of a pop-up shop is informed by the answers to these questions:

  • How will products be displayed?
  • What sort of lighting dynamics are present?
  • Will there be a clear flow of traffic through the shop?
  • Will customers have space to move around and browse products?

Another important factor is pop-up shop branding. Pop-up shops are extensions of a brand and should reflect the brand’s values and personality. We carefully consider the colors, fonts, and imagery that we incorporate into a pop-up shop design.

retail interior design firms
retail design firms

At PureAlchemy Design, our expert designers create pop-up shop design that is on-brand, different, and gets noticed.

PureAlchemy Design for Best Retail and Pop-up Shop Design

Ready to make your mark? Our experienced retail design agency team will create a design specially for your retail space that will set you apart and make you stand out from the competition.

Looking For Retail Interior Design?