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Top 5 New Flooring Picks

Since 1969, NeoCon has been the annual gathering of all commercial design related industries from manufacturers, dealers to designers. And, par with the event, new and innovative projects make their debut with the spotlight in full focus. To me, as a designer of commercial work spaces, there are just a few elements that can make the level of influence that flooring can. It impacts things visually, acoustically, and stylistically. With that I’m always inspired by what we see introduced this time of year and I’d like to share  my Top 5 New Flooring Picks!

  1. HAVEN by Shaw Contract

Shaw Contract introduced a sophisticated new commercial line which I consider a sort of visual luxury. “The Haven collection draws inspiration from the singular qualities we associate with home comfort, well-being, warmth, softness, and a profound sense of place. In design and construction, Haven evokes the supple textures of a favorite sweater or a graceful woven fabric.”

Shaw Haven Shot12 Final RGB LR 1

  1. MOIRE by Mannington

If you’ve visited any PureAlchemy Design projects, you’ll understand that I believe firmly in the power of color and what it can bring to the psyche of those that inhabit a space. Enter Moire…”The Moiré Collection was inspired by Dawe’s work where miles of colorful threads are configured into forms that result in unique planes of depth, filled with rays of light. In textile or print design, Moiré is described as a wavy or rippled textured effect where sets of lines or dots are superimposed upon one another creating sets of patterns differing in size and spacing.” https://www.manningtoncommercial.com/neocon/media/

MoireTile blue 1

  1. INSIDE SHAPES by Shaw Contact

Shaw Contract’s “Inside Shapes” collection of carpet tile is breaking us out of our molds a bit. This tile comes in dynamic shapes to broaden our creative possibilities.


  1. IMMERSIVE by Milliken

A new LVT collection by Milliken which combines the organic qualities of naturally worn materials restrained by a geometric structure. To me, it gives a space a warmth without any visual “clutter”.

Abstract LVT by Milliken

  1. NORTHERN WONDER by Mannington Commercial

The biggest innovation here is the dynamic use of rich color. Too often Luxury vinyl is either bland or in some primary color palette. This line is far more sophisticated and I’m excited to work with it. “Inspired by a wintertime trek to see the northern lights, Northern Wonder is an LVT collection that expresses the ancient sense of wonder we feel for the world around us.” https://www.manningtoncommercial.com/neocon/media/

NorthernAura Emerald

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