RIVER OF GOODS Tiffany Lamp Display

River of Goods Tiffany Lamp Display - by PureAlchemy:

As the world’s largest supplier of Tiffany style lamps, River of Goods is known for its preservation of traditional and respected lighting designs. As in an art gallery venue, to keep the old world inspired products feeling fresh, they are presented on a clean, white and sophisticatedly streamlined backdrop. This allows for a balanced visual experience where features of both the new and longstanding can be fully appreciated.

If you look carefully throughout the River of Goods wholesale Gallery showroom, you'll see an amazing flow of products from around, displayed in a space beckoning you to stay and enjoy the environment. This is the showroom of the largest supplier of Tiffany Lamps in the world and so much more.

Taking her inspiration from the company’s name, Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy created a flowing experience throughout the space. Meandering paths of stained sand colored concrete resemble a river bed, with areas of translucent blue subtle waves blended within the flooring.

"I want visitors to feel like they are on a journey - giving them destinations to visit and options on where they can travel within the space," Eaton says. "At the same time, I wanted it to be functional for the owners so they could reinvent the space often to highlight new products and create new experiences for visitors."

Throughout the showroom, contemporary display islands contrast with the warm curves of the intricate antique inspired lamps and their modern cousins composed of custom stained glass. Showcased much like museum or art gallery displays, Eaton wanted to give each piece the attention it deserves by playing up the sharp contrast of a clean backdrop to an intricate piece. A number of the custom designed and crafted white display islands are stationary, while others are movable and modular in their construction, giving the owners plenty of creative reign when updating the space with new products.

The building, a recent winner of the Minnesota Brownfields Economic Development Impact Award, was built on a remediated former city waste site. The efforts included excavating to depths of 12 feet in some areas to remove the waste and contaminated soil. The beneficial re-use of dredge materials from the Mississippi River was a part of the sustainable remediation at the location.

"I support sustainability and was pleased to work on this project, which brings new life to a formerly contaminated site," says Eaton, who makes an effort to reuse and reinvent materials in all of her designs and enjoys the creative process that this often brings along with it.

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