PRESTIGE The Kitchen

PRESTIGE The Kitchen - by PureAlchemy:
The Prestige office environment is one that is intended to feel as new and fresh as the company’s latest chapter in its impressive history. Specific attention was paid to the way in which the owners and employees of the company naturally function for productivity, personal satisfaction and efficiency. And so, from the very beginning there was the desire to achieve a new type of open concept for this space.
(Minneapolis, MN) -- They create luxury destination experiences for their clients all over the world - now it was their turn. Opting for a change from their prominent Wayzata address in favor of a chic new location in the North Loop of Minneapolis, Prestige Resorts and Destinations made their move. Working with commercial design firm PureAlchemy their new space incorporates global sensibilities with Midwest brick and mortar creating a comfortable and sophisticated work environment that is inspiring.
"At PureAlchemy, we believe every work space should dramatically enhance business success," says PureAlchemy founder Stephany Eaton. "Our mission is to create meaningful and distinctive environments for our clients that bring joy to those who experience them. After all, a happy space is a productive and well used space."
During the design/build-out, PureAlchemy reused salvaged barn wood throughout the space along with aged framed windows, glass and metal barn doors. Keeping minimal waste and functionality as high priorities, a precious stack of textured glass panels saved from demolition was used to bring to life the energy efficient concept of “daylighting” to the entire office space and even to create unique and beautiful dry erase boards for the new office.
The result? Clients and employees alike are impressed.
"Our clients are absolutely blown away and stunned to see how beautiful our work environment is," says Chad Houwman, Executive Vice President at Prestige Resorts and Destinations. "Many have commented they have never been in such an amazing office setting. And our employees love it - the renovation redefined how they look at our company and how our clients perceive us. The space gives off a vibe that says we are innovative, edgy, creative, and genuine."
About PureAlchemy
Reuse and Reinvent Making every effort to reinvent what is already present in the space, PureAlchemy strives to keep budgets intact and landfills from being needlessly burdened. “The opportunity to reuse what we find in our current spaces is where the magic happens…creativity is key and the result is something that no one else will have," says Eaton. "We believe that just about everything has the potential to be reinvented and reused."
Environmental Quality Eaton considers the overall quality of the project space environment on numerous levels, then collaboratively develops a plan to make it efficient and improved for the wellbeing of employees and customers inside. Working with the client, she determines the best use of the space for efficiency, work flow, function and spatial/visual balance and design. “We keep the concept of ‘smart design’ as our mantra. With the pervasive overuse of the term 'green' in our society today, PureAlchemy does not lose track of what really makes good sense.”

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