Pop-up Shop Design

Pop-up shops pair the excitement of a new business venture with the marketing buzz and atmosphere of a limited-time event. Pop-up shops may focus on a singular theme like honoring a pop culture icon or they can provide extra support for corporate brand campaigns. This post will cover the basics about pop-up shops and the retail design elements that make them special.

What Is a Pop-up Shop?

A pop-up shop is a temporary retail or restaurant space often found in malls and outdoor markets. The term “pop-up” refers to the sudden construction and deconstruction, or temporary retail location of the business.

People started using “pop-up shop” as a designation in the early 2000s, but the history of the temporary shop is about as extensive as that of modern retail in general. Some experts credit entrepreneur J.J. Haverty with opening the first one.

How Long Do Pop-up Shops Last?

The life of a pop-up shop may last anywhere from a single day to a few months. Though, pop-up shops rarely last longer than six months. The length of the shop will depend on its purpose, success, and other factors.

4 Elements of a Great Pop-up Shop Design

Your pop-up shop design should consider all factors of the guest’s experience. That includes engaging the senses and providing a smooth customer flow. 

Take this Stranger Things pop-up shop, for example. This shop welcomes its guests with an immersive aesthetic and interactive atmosphere that’s true to the spirit of the Netflix series. Amid the 80s SciFi-themed merchandise are images and colors familiar to the show’s viewers as well as tonal lighting appropriate to the brand. 

Stranger Things pop-up shop

Continue reading for a more in-depth analysis of what makes pop-up shops like this one so successful.  

#1 Immersion

A pop-up shop doesn’t exist to look like any other shop. The temporary nature of a pop-up shop beckons owners to make the place memorable. One way to make a shop memorable is by creating an immersive experience for guests.  

Immersive qualities of a pop-up shop can include:

  • Thematic photos and artwork
  • Historical information accessible to visitors
  • Activities that inspire engagement

The immersive aspect of a pop-up shop also gets its support from the designer’s approach to the physical elements, which we’ll cover in the next section. 

#2 Strategic Layouts

Whatever the size, a pop-up shop is only as effective as its layout. That includes the utilization of storefront features, walkways, promotional content, and, of course, product shelving. Such features impact the customer flow and impressions from entry to checkout desk.

So, while there is certainly room for creativity in implementing the layout, the ultimate goal is to create a foundation for the guest’s physical experience of the space in a way that draws their attention to products and shop features.

#3 Intentional Lighting

Lighting can drastically affect guest mood. Too harsh and they’ll get a headache, too mellow and you’ll put them to sleep. Then there’s color to consider. Not only the color of lights themselves, but how the lights interacts with the colors in the space. Cooler lights go well with blue, gray, or green, for example. Warmer lights pair well with warmer colors – yellows, reds, and oranges.

#4 Acoustics & Music

Most people don’t realize something is off with a location’s acoustics until their ears are ringing or their voices bounce off the walls. When a pop-up shop design incorporates a calculated use of sound, the guest’s experience is seamless.

Music especially has the power to influence the overall mood and even reinforce brand values. But it also has the power to disrupt customer flow. So, your pop-up shop will need to design the sound components with just as much intentionality as the lighting and layouts.  

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