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Considering your business’s core values is the best first step when conveying your business philosophy through your physical office space. This gives you the chance to rekindle the principles that inspired you to start your business and also help communicate that same message to architects, interior designers and contractors. The guidelines you set will serve as an inspiration when they start converting those values into your new office, while, at the same time, inspiring loyalty and trust in your brand among employees and clients.

The layout of your office can make a big impact when branding your work environment. Companies are moving away from traditional cubicle design offices, and instead opting for models that emphasize teamwork and communication. Mobility is a key element in office layout, since it gives employees the opportunity to choose their own work station and network with co-workers they might not have previously been in contact with. A company that knows how to create a happy working environment can improve productivity, inspire innovative thinking, and market them as a cornerstone of its business philosophy.

As the main advocate of your brand, you should incorporate your logo into your design. Consider LED downlights that accentuate a big 3D wall logo and the effect it can have on anyone entering the office for the first time. Alternatively, it can be a mural, graffiti or a sculpture. Just remember to make it big and bold, as it will accentuate the philosophy that drives the culture working at this space, and for the brand.

The company logo can also be a great starting point when choosing the color scheme of your office. The color is an important factor in branding, but bold bright colors that work great when you want to attract clients can be overwhelming for people in a workspace environment. Instead, consider blending neutral colors with the muted colors of your brand to create the perfect office color scheme. Additionally, you should be creative with colors and even step outside your comfort zone and choose radically different colors to emphasize your company’s unique drive and aesthetic vision.

Office furnishings and decorative pieces can become a major statement, but can also deliver your business philosophy loud and clear. Although your furniture should be above all practical, comfortable, and functional, well-chosen furniture can also relay anything from forward-thinking to trust and creativity. Modern design elements dressed in company colors can give insight into the innovative attitude you have in business, while soft textures give anyone using it a sense of well-being. Fused with strategically placed company milestones and achievements, or identifiers of your products and services, these elements can be a great way to inspire expertise and trust.

By branding your office space, you will define your workplace culture. You will have the ability to empower your staff to give great input into how you can implement your core values into their workplace. This will improve employee satisfaction and give you a tangible marketing tool that will work towards helping your brand grow every single day.

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