Office Design in Plymouth: Transform Your Working Space with PureAlchemy

Office Design in Plymouth: Transform Your Working Space with PureAlchemy

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Your office is more than just a workspace. It is the place where your team bonds, where you receive clients and visitors, and where you negotiate important deals. Images of your office may appear on your business website or in the local industry news.

Furthermore, office design can have a tremendous effect on employee mood, team productivity, and company success. These are just a few reasons to invest in office design in Plymouth, MN.

How We Apply Your Commercial Space Design in Plymouth Ideas

At PureAlchemy Design, we approach each office design in Plymouth with a client-centered view. No two businesses are the same, and we always work closely with the client to make sure we meet their business vision, goals, and budget.

Our office design method includes the following elements:


Color has a strong effect on human psychology. A clever color choice can boost mood and productivity or trigger the desired reaction in customers. Your office colors can harmonize with your business brand or help create the atmosphere you want.



A strategic acoustic design minimizes noise interruptions in the office and creates an optimized working environment.


Workspace lighting is a key component of top work performance and employee well-being. Natural light is always the superior option for employee satisfaction, team productivity, and energy savings. Where natural light is insufficient, we can make an office appear brighter and more spacious with strategically placed overhead lights and clear glass dividing panels.

Office Layout

A strategic office layout takes everyone’s needs into account. It includes quiet places for individual work, convenient teamwork spaces, and pleasant visitor areas. Finally, it ensures that communal facilities, like the office kitchen and bathroom, are easily accessible.


Sometimes, you and your team may spend more time in the office than you do at home. It is vital to create a comfortable office environment and encourage mini-breaks for physical activity and movement on hectic days. An ergonomic design adapts the office to your team’s needs and helps preserve employee well-being.

Our Commercial Interior Design Process

We use a highly detailed, efficient process to ensure client satisfaction and an optimal office design for each business in Plymouth, MN. Our office design work formula typically consists of the following stages:

In-depth Consultation

Stephany Eaton, our head designer, will help you create a comprehensive design vision for your office, taking into account factors such as office size, number of employees, and location. Your industry, business goals, and budget will also influence our recommendations.

Design Process

We believe in 100% honesty and transparency regarding expected timelines and the final outcome. As the design project gets underway, we will communicate with you, offer frequent updates, and adjust the process following your suggestions. 

Project Completion and Final Walk-Through

Once your office transformation is complete, the exciting part comes: you and your team can move in and start enjoying your new workspace. We will give you a walk-through around your improved office and address any last-minute questions.

We Are Experienced Professional Office Space Designers!

Stephany Eaton, the owner of PureAlchemy Design, is an expert in decorative arts and visual merchandising. Stephany’s award-winning work has earned a spotlight in the Star Tribune, Minneapolis/St. Paul magazine, Plymouth magazine, and other well-known local publications.

Stephany aspires to help every business in Plymouth, MN, improve performance through intelligent, bespoke office design.

PureAlchemy’s commercial clients span various industries, from clinics and law offices to financial institutions and construction companies. You can view our office design portfolio on our website.

Office Space Design FAQs

What makes a good office design?

There is no one-size-fits-all office design formula. A therapist’s office and a large investment bank will require different solutions. However, all successful workspace design projects include key elements like lighting, efficient layout, and an appropriate color scheme.

Why is the interior of an office important?

Efficient office design can improve team productivity, help clients feel welcome, and strengthen the company’s image and brand.

How do you design an office interior?

We work closely with each client on every interior design project, from general layout to office furniture, to make sure we answer their unique business needs.

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