Office Design in Edina: Enhance Your Working Space with PureAlchemy

Office Design in Edina: Enhance Your Working Space with PureAlchemy

PureAlchemy Design offers custom-tailored office design services in Edina, MN. Call (612) 386-5154 today to schedule a consultation.

Most people spend many hours in the office each day. Depending on your company structure, an office can be a lively business hub where your team works, collaborates with business partners, and welcomes visitors and clients.

Workspace design have an enormous influence on company image, corporate culture, and employee productivity. Office design in Edina, MN, plays an important part in local business success. Work with the experts at PureAlchemy Design to elevate your workspace.

How We Apply Your Commercial Space Design in Edina Ideas

Each of our office design projects is a unique creation tailored to the client’s business goals, company vision, and budget. We use a client-focused approach to find the perfect office design solution for each business.

When we plan a commercial space design project, we pay close attention to the following elements:


Depending on your goals, a clever color choice can promote an atmosphere of creativity, tranquility, or vibrant energy. Office colors can boost mood, influence customers, or enhance your business’s brand.



Acoustic design helps maintain comfortable sound levels and reduces noise interruptions across the office space.


Plentiful, strategic workspace lighting is an essential component in employee mood and optimized work performance. It is always best to harness natural light as much as possible, but strategic artificial lights can effectively light buildings with sunlight deficiency. Transparent dividing panels can also enhance light and visually enlarge office space.


There’s a place for every need with an intelligent office layout: – Quiet solo work – Collaborative teamwork – Inviting visitor areas The office kitchen, bathrooms, and other communal facilities should be easily accessible without impacting work areas.


An ergonomically designed office supports employee well-being, encourages healthy movement, and reduces unnecessary strain on the eyes and body. Ergonomic design may also save money in the long run by reducing the number of missed workdays and health problems related to issues like eye strain and poor posture.

Our Commercial Interior Design Process

When PureAlchemy plans an office design in Edina, MN, we work closely with the client to ensure that our design proposal meets their business goals. Our work process usually includes the following stages:

Detailed Consultation

Your design project will begin by meeting Stephany Eaton, our head designer. During the initial consultation, our team will perform an in-depth interview to understand your design vision, expectations, and budget. Factors like office size, location, number of employees, and type of industry will influence the final office plan.

Meticulous Process

As we begin implementing your office design blueprint, we will stay in touch with you, provide updates, and listen to your suggestions. We always maintain 100% transparency regarding expected outcomes and timelines.

Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to reap the rewards: your revamped office is ready to welcome you and your staff. Our design team will give you a final walk-through, hear your feedback, and address any questions or concerns.

We Are Experienced Professional Office Space Designers!

Stephany Eaton, the owner of PureAlchemy Design, is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the United States Green Building Council. Stephany’s award-winning projects have appeared in numerous well-known publications, such as the Artful Living Magazine, the Star Tribune, and Midwest Home magazine.

Stephany believes that every business in Edina, MN, can improve its performance with intelligent, individually customized office design.

PureAlchemy serves commercial clients across various industries, including:

  • Medical facilities
  • Law offices
  • Hotels
  • Construction companies.

We invite you to browse our office design portfolio.

Office Space Design FAQs

What makes a good office design?

Every office design project is unique. A hotel manager’s office and a boutique law firm call for different solutions. Still, all design projects have common elements like strategic use of lighting, layout, and color.

Why is the interior of an office important?

Clever office design can create a positive first impression in partners and clients, enhance a business brand, and boost team productivity.

How do you design an office interior?

Every interior design project by PureAlchemy involves constant communication with the client and close attention to details, including office furniture and lighting fixtures.

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