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NeoCon 2019 Office Space Solutions

We all know the benefits of the open office space…collaborative opportunities, more efficient use of space and shared energy. With all of these positives, there is also the need for balanced opportunities in working styles and flexible needs. So, we’ve seen the evolution of various office space solutions like quiet rooms, phones booths and inner office quite satellites to accommodate just that. NeoCon this year offered the introduction of numerous interesting options including some new takes on the some familiar ideas.

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phone booths are now a mainstay in the office and more than a handful of companies are offering solutions to introduce into your office space post construction. While these elements are an investment worthwhile for the quality of the employee experience. With the increase in competition we are also seeing a decreased price point. When working on spaces that include renovation it is typically PureAlchemy Design’s suggestion and preference to include phone booths into the built-out as they can be readily customized for a far more effective price point. 

The versatility and functionality of built-in phone booths can be designed to suit your office needs perfectly as in Our Project with Walters Recycling and Refuse.

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