Scott and Hespen Law Law Office Interior Design

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Scott and Hespen Law Office Interior Design

Scott and Hespen Law Firm Remodel is Legally Plum

Scott and Hespen Law Firm were looking for a Law Office Interior Design Service. The legal partners of this law firm were poised for growth and needed a space to reflect the direction of evolution they envisioned. With this they also acquired an adjacent space within their office building which would ultimately double their usable office space.

The challenge was not only to update their brand and space, but to also come up with a fresh office layout plan that would suit their new modern aesthetic. PureAlchemy Design was delighted to work with these open-minded clients to deliver the desired results.

modern law office interior design

Modern Law Office Interior Design

The attorneys wanted to have an elegant, yet slightly out of the box ambiance. The palette was designed around sophisticated wood and tweed patterns with the added twist of a regal plum. From a color psychology perspective, plum promotes harmony of the mind and the emotions which contributes to mental balance and peace-of-mind.

This makes it the perfect accent for a legal practice focused on estate planning. The partners felt restricted and confined by their current office space and wanted a fresh take to get a new energy in their daily work. The newly acquired space was a great addition of square footage but needed to be integrated well to achieve a refined result.

The reception space was moved to the center of the two newly adjoined spaces making for a composed entrance and a new perspective to what the space had once been.

best interior design for law office

Legal Office Interior Design

The building, while character rich, had many old structure maladies including significantly sloping floors. Flexible materials were used on the floors and bases. Also, a dominant large-scale linear design pattern was used on the floor to allow the eye to “float” past the inconsistencies of the floor while visually connecting the pattern.

The historic building was also graced with large skylights which landed in unfortunate areas within the current office. The new office space was configured with the skylights in mind making them not only an interesting architectural feature but allowing the quality daylight to enter the space in a very pleasing and balanced way.

Scott and Hespen Law Firm office hallway design

Best Interior Design For Law Office

As with any project, the building owners had given a conservative budget to the remodel and “joining” of the two spaces. While still taking on a completely fresh approach to flow, existing walls were kept whenever possible and doors and windows of the space were repurposed to support the new design. The result is a balanced, modern, and charismatic space for the clients of Scott & Hespen to complete their estate planning needs. Contact us today if you want a modern law firm interior design; we will gladly help.

Looking for Law Office Interior Design?