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Innovative Workplace Design

Companies across the globe have begun to embrace some exciting innovative design trends for their workplaces. A cool example; the
audio brand Skullcandy recently added a unique movable desk system to their international office in Switzerland. This highly adjustable system allows employees to easily rearrange their workplace depending on if they want to work as a group or privately.

LinkedIn is another excellent example of an innovative approach to the workplace. At their California headquarters, employees have access to a music room, which offers a variety of equipment such as guitars, drums, or microphones. This idea of a music room has been adopted by other companies as well and has shown to markedly improve employee morale and productivity.

A bounty of creative options is coming to the field of innovative workplace design; the only limit is our imagination. If you’d like to read more case studies of workplace design trends, check out The Future of the Office: 7 Innovative Ways Companies Are Changing the Workplace.

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