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Human Experience Sustainability

PureAlchemy Design was founded on Human Experience Sustainability. How we approach our project is the most significant difference between our process and what other design firms follow. We design with the human experience in mind optimizing and refining our plans for productivity, wellness and wellbeing for all space inhabitants.

The Human Experience Sustainability

“When sustainable design first emerged as a design trend, the focus was on ensuring that the products being used were safe, and that they were manufactured in a sustainable way that wasn’t harming the environment.

This initial focus then expanded to include recycling; for example, many flooring manufacturers introduced take-back schemes whereby old flooring was returned to the manufacturer after use, recycled, and then used to manufacture new flooring.

This was a fantastic initiative and has greatly improved many companies’ environmental impact – but the sustainable approach only focused on the start and end of a product’s life – not the many years it’s used in-between.” Read more at Health and Wellness: The Next Era of Sustainable Design. 

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