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Graphic Design Influencing Interior Design

The world and the way we experience it could be considered a sort of string of visual perceptions. And those impressions, while seeming unrelated to one another, will and do influence each other. Seeing a beautiful sunset may leave you inspired to paint that dreary northern facing room an energetic coral color.

And to the next degree, consider that new logo you recently had designed or your updated and invigorating brand colors. The form and colors of the graphic elements that are changing the look of your collateral are also changing the way you and your clients see your business. From here, the natural progression is to bring the vibe to life in your office space as well; it makes the experience complete.

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So, for forecasting interior trends I’m watching what is happening in the graphic design front as much as anything to do with interiors. Take a peek at this engaging video on the upcoming trends in graphic design and see if you can spot and future interior design trends.

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