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Forget the Desk Plant…Take Your Office to Nature Microsoft Style!

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Microsoft offices in Redmond, Washington. I’m always interested to see what businesses are doing for their employees as far as functional spaces go to see what I can share with my clients. As a big proponent of biophilic design I became an immediate fan of what Microsoft has created for their employees. Not only is the campus itself beautifully green providing nature filled views from nearly every window, they’ve taken things one step farther with the building of conference and work-worthy treehouses!


Equipped with all the work necessities of Wi-Fi and power they come with limitless natural inspiration and are a true breath of fresh air…literally! Here is a great video tour of the structures in use.

Exposure to nature helps people do their best work while improving their overall wellbeing. So, what if the “outdoor office” isn’t feasible for your workplace? Here are few ways you can increase the presence of nature in your office space while still being able to feel your fingers in January.

  1. Incorporate Biophilia Design – Biophilia design brings nature-inspired elements indoors through furniture, fabrics, colors, plants and natural light.
  2. Increase Greenery Throughout the Office – Take the greenery in your office to the next level by building a moss wall or adding planters to your bookshelves.
  3. Use Natural Materials – Natural materials like stone, wood, slate and even water can help bring the outdoors inside. 
  4. Use Natural Colors ­- Colors such as greens, browns and tans can mimic trees and plants, where blues and whites can mimic water and the sky.

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