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When meeting someone new, first impressions count. Dressing well and sharing a smile can make all the difference. The same goes for the reception area of your company. It is your visitors first impression of your company, why not put on a “smile”? Creating an engaging office space not only helps to keep your employees happy and productive; the office reception area is where potential clients and business partners get their first impression of your business…make it count!


By using focal point lighting in the initial welcoming space, you can draw customer’s attention to the best design features of your office. Replace harsh strip lighting with softer LED illumination, this mimics more closely to natural light or purchase full spectrum desk lamps.


A reception area that is open tends to be more inviting and comfortable, and can offer a sense of community for visitors to wait in. Keep things functional and organized in the space and make sure you use relevant branding. Office design influences your biggest assets, property and people so keep it simple, smart and creative!


Office fitout is one of the best investments a business can encourage in the workplace.  It boosts higher performance, engagement and creates an activity-based setting that fuels creativity. Office fitouts don’t have to cost you a fortune, but be prepared to invest a decent amount of money into high-quality office reception furniture.

Rounded furniture too has been linked with positive emotions offering a core element of creative inspiration. Rounding the environment can trigger more activity in the sections of your brain which are associated with aesthetic appreciation.


Colors and music are notorious for enhancing creative environments. Choose the colors of the furniture, walls, and accessories carefully because these can have a direct effect on the way visitors feel in the space. You’ll want to keep in mind your branding colors too…as in the reception space for the Minneapolis company SeaChange.


Stress levels tend to be higher in office spaces and can be negative to the vibe when visitors first walk in. Incorporating low-maintenance plants into the space can offer numerous benefits including air quality in the office, reduced stress and makes the room feel comfortable – perfect for positive first impressions. It’s also a great fit for Minneapolis Commerical spaces with our long winter season.

For more information check-out the article First Impressions Count from Rabid Office Money.

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