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European Perspective on Color Use

When considering trends in color-use in design, too many forget to include the European Perspective on Color Use. But our global community is so dynamic that reaching beyond our borders for inspiration is boundlessly rewarding. One such source of intrigue is Milan Design Week that takes place annually in Milan, Italy.

We’ve been enjoying one of the more key color trends with the prevalence of bold colors, primarily consisting of red, yellow, and blue hues. The use of these colors in interior design can lead to an aesthetically pleasing space that really catches the eyes of viewers. As a result, the impact of those very hues inspires our productivity and creativity. For our project with FirstChoice in the North Loop of Minneapolis we engaged boldly with the orange of their brand thereby adding energy to the space.

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To delve more deeply into the subject of color, check out this article on the most recent Milan Design Week.

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