Ways That Office Noise Impacts Productivity

"Sound affects us psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally, even though we’re not aware of it‘ – Julian Treasure, CEO The Sound Agency. Ways That Office Noise Impacts Productivity Creatively implementing sound control within a design is an important factor...

Collaborative Office Spaces

One of the most consistently important elements of a well-designed office is the inclusion of collaborative spaces. These collaboration spaces foster casual interactions in an office space for on-the-fly brainstorming within a workday as needed. For many companies, this can be an invaluable change that leads to significant improvements in productivity.

Innovative Workplace Design

Companies across the globe have begun to embrace some exciting innovative design trends for their workplaces. A cool example; the
audio brand Skullcandy recently added a unique movable desk system to their international office in Switzerland. This highly adjustable system allows employees to easily rearrange their workplace depending on if they want to work as a group or privately.

The Sustainable Fabric Frontier

The innovations in sustainable fabrics frontier have become downright AWE Inspiring! Not only that, their colors, patterns and textures are making the world of design broader than ever. But what you can’t tell by looking at these innovative fabrics are the surprising things they are made from.