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Creative Wall Coverings

Commercial wall coverings are produced specifically for use in hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools and hospitals. They are manufactured to meet or surpass minimum physical and performance characteristics set forth in federal guidelines that focus on requirements for flammability, tear strength, abrasion resistance, washability, scrubbability and stain resistance.

Here are several examples of wall coverings to consider for your next project:

Acoustical wallcoverings are designed for use on vertical surfaces, panels, operable walls and any place where the need for sound reduction is a primary consideration, such as in meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums and restaurants, as well as corridors and elevator lobbies. These products are predominantly made of man-made polyester and olefin fibers and are tested for a special sound absorption rating known as a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating. This rating indicates the amount of sound absorbed into the wall. The higher the number, the more noise absorption.

Fabric-backed vinyl is a wallcovering that has a woven substrate of fabric or a non-woven synthetic substrate. In either case, the substrate is laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. General categories of this type of wallcovering include Type I (light-duty) vinyl, which is typically used in office areas, hospital patient rooms and hotel rooms, and Type II (medium-duty) vinyl, which is typically used in high-traffic/public areas, foyers, lounges, corridors, offices, hospital wards and classrooms.

Natural textile wallcoverings are usually laminated to a backing to enhance dimensional stability and to prevent the adhesive from coming through to the surface. These backings are usually acrylic or paper. Textiles are manufactured in a variety of widths and are constructed of natural fibers. Natural textiles can be finely designed or coarse in texture, depending on the desired look.

Polyolefin/synthetic-textile wallcoverings are woven and non-woven looking wallcoverings and were developed to give the aesthetic appearance of a natural textile while adding an increased value in stain and abrasion resistance. These products are generally put up with an acrylic or paper backing. Many of these products are composed of polyolefin yarns, which are olefin fibers made from polymers or copolymers of propylene.

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