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A well-designed, functional office is essential to an efficient, successful business for you, your employees, and your clients. Not only do clients visit your office to negotiate contracts and deals, but pictures of your office also appear in press releases or on your company’s website.

Accomplished office design in Wayzata, Minnesota, can have a solid and lasting effect on staff productivity, team collaboration, and business success. Invest in your company’s future by creating a pleasant, inviting workspace that fits your business needs with the professional office designers at PureAlchemy Design.

How We Apply Your Commercial Space Design Ideas Wayzata

Our team at PureAlchemy Design performs each commercial office design project with a client-centered approach, tailoring our strategies to the client’s unique goals, needs, and budget. 

The following elements form the core of our commercial space design method.

Office Layout

A smart office design achieves an optimal balance between employee office spaces for solo work, collaborative locations for team meetings, and inviting visitor areas. We will work with you to decide on the best use of space for your office.


In addition to top-of-the-line ergonomic desks, chairs, and conference rooms, incorporating mini-breaks for movement and physical activity throughout the day can improve employee health and productivity. Our office design projects focus on people and aim to create an ergonomic work environment.


Many studies have concluded that sufficient workspace lighting is crucial for employee well-being and maximum work performance. We make the most of natural light in our projects and enhance lighting conditions with overhead lights, bright interior colors, and internal glass dividing panels.


The right office colors can lift your employees’ mood, spark creativity, evoke a reaction in clients, or chime in with your company’s brand or logo. We can help you make smart color choices that match your brand’s color palette to convey a message or create the right atmosphere.



Acoustics is an integral part of optimal work and business performance. We will address the acoustic effects at your office to achieve a positive sound environment and reduce echoing and distracting outdoor noise.

Our Commercial Interior Design Process

We have a streamlined work formula to help each business achieve the perfect office design. Usually, our commercial interior design process involves:

Initial Consultation

During your first meeting with our head designer, you can expect to work out a detailed and realistic design vision for your office. Your business goals, type of industry, workplace size, number of employees, and budget will all play a part in the final proposition.

Progress and Collaboration

As we transform your office, we will stay in touch with you, give you updates on the progress, and listen to your suggestions. We always maintain 100% transparency about expected results and timelines.

Finishing Touches

How exciting! Your office has undergone an amazing transformation, and now it’s time for your team to move in. We will walk you through your new office setup, listen to your feedback, and address any questions or last-minute concerns.

We Are Experienced Professional Office Space Designers!

Stephany Eaton, the owner of PureAlchemy Design, is an award-winning commercial designer who has a vision of helping every business achieve maximum potential through optimal office design.

The Minnesota clients of PureAlchemy Design include financial institutions, construction companies, law firms, hotels, medical facilities, and more. We invite you to view the portfolio of our office design projects.

Office Space Design FAQs

What makes a good office design?

Each of our office design projects is unique; there is no one-size-fits-all formula. A small boutique law firm and a large construction service will call for different solutions. However, our accomplished commercial office designers always keep a balanced eye on all vital elements like light, color, layout, and a comfortable environment for workers and visitors.

Why is the interior of an office important?

A cleverly designed office interior can increase business performance on several levels. It can enhance employee well-being and productivity, create an inviting space where clients feel welcome, and convey a professional image aligned with the company brand.

How do you design an office interior?

Our office design process involves working closely with each client to help them reach a design plan for their workspace, from an office layout to furniture and lighting fixtures.

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