Empty office ready for a commercial office buildout

A commercial office buildout is the application of a new architectural design in an otherwise blank office space. In a commercial office buildout, tenants will work with office designers and contractors to ensure an optimal working environment for employees, developing an intentional space that’s both appealing and functional.

We’re in a unique time in history when selecting the right commercial space for a business is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. Workers are jumping company ships to seek professional environments that complement their needs. Among the best ways to combat this challenge for business owners and managers: give them a space they love.

This post will expand on commercial office buildouts and what they mean in today’s office culture.

What an Up-to-Date Commercial Office Buildout Can Do

When approaching your office buildout, you’ll want to consider how your design can solve common office challenges. 

Improve Privacy & Productivity

An example of an open concept office

The rise of the cubicle began in the 1960s and initially proved to provide the necessary space and privacy for good worker productivity. Then came the “open office” concept which, while in motion in the mid-20th century, really hit a stride in the 1990s with the tech boom. The success of the open office concept was mostly due to the boost in teamwork and collaboration the design inspired.

Unfortunately, both office designs have proven to have negative effects on worker happiness and wellbeing in some way or another. Workers have cited isolation as a negative factor in cubicle-oriented designs and distractions in the open office environment.

But that doesn’t mean the modern take on these buildout concepts is wrong for employees. A good office buildout/layout designer knows that cubicles aren’t for every company or function—nor are open concepts—and they’ll work with business owners to find the right fit. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the best design for a company is a hybrid of the two.

Promote Employee Wellbeing

The right buildout design not only complements the human experience but also uplifts and encourages workers to thrive. To do this, customized commercial build outs will ideally support the elements necessary for human sustainability. The design will be cognizant of sensory dynamics like:

  • Office acoustics
  • References to nature
  • Visual interest
  • Physical comfort

It may surprise you how a readjustment of in-office sensory experiences will go a long way in maintaining worker happiness.

Utilize the Company Brand

An example of an office design that utilizes the company brand

Modern designs for an office buildout will also place emphasis on company branding, setting the tone for workers and guests alike. How this takes shape will depend on the designer’s interpretation of the brand.

Consider for a moment how a company hails a customer or client with their brand in the public-facing sectors. They put their company’s solutions and values on display for everyone to experience. Why shouldn’t the office do the same?

For example, many offices have found that incorporating company colors throughout the office can improve cohesion. And others even take it a step further by using the space to tell the company story through the use of color, imagery, style, flow and character built right into the design, creating a deeper experience for workers and guests.

Provide Freedom With Hot Desking in Your Office Buildout

While this is not a necessity in every office design, one popular design choice in the commercial office buildout is hot desking (sometimes also referred to as hoteling). Hot desking is an office design trend in which employees choose their workspace (or desk) rather than managers implementing assigned seating or personal cubicles.

Experts in worker happiness believe the approach allows for employee flexibility, encourages creativity and social engagement, and can improve overall focus. This layout is particularly useful in offices that have a percentage of their employees working in a hybrid office/home type schedule.

Dynamic Office Designs Fit for the Modern Workplace

An example of a dynamic office buildout

Customization in the office design industry has never been more in-demand. The best design for businesses will be tailored for each company rather than applying a cut-and-dry or dated concept. At PureAlchemy Design, we work with businesses to ensure their office design embraces a balanced and thoughtful approach that values employee needs while also encouraging productivity. Give us a call or use the online form to start your office buildout consultation.

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