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wealth management office designThese clients have a stressful vocation in the financial investment realm. When they purchased their new location housed in a dated office building they knew that their remodel needed to do a bit more than a simple update. They wanted their clients to not only feel that they could trust their advisors, but they also hoped the space would evoke a sense of calm when visiting the offices.

A challenge here was to keep the environment as professional looking as possible but also to introduce a universally appealing character to bring calm. For this, we turned to the science of nature and the sustainable principals defined by such programs as WELL and LEED. Namely, the concept that exposure to nature has many benefits which include:


  • Lowering people’s heart rates and blood pressure.
  • It has been shown to enhance the human immune system and even reduce sick days for employees
  • and it effectively increases a sense of well-being which directly impacts productivity.


While the window for the building was relatively average, the impact was less than what we needed to have the impact desired. Our solution was to work with a local photographer that had a passion for nature that fit the style of the owners of the company. With this, the idea of creating vistas or “windows” to view came to life. The scale plays a large part in the impact as they are large enough that when viewed in a space you feel as if you are a part of the scene.


And with that, the effect is complete. Original photographs were enlarged to a giant four-foot square and simply framed to bring about A Natural Calm. They transport you to the outdoors, to a place we all intuitively understand.

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