The 700 Washington, U of MN Minneapolis Campus

Our approach for any University property is to further establish a defined character and brand for each so that they become more appealing and memorable to visitors, patrons, and students alike. Infusing more “life” and personality allows residents to feel more at home and connected to their place of residence.

The 700 Washington Sky Lounge is a distinct venue that has the potential to play host to significant University functions. Working to maximize the impact of daylight the layout was designed to impart multi-use potential to the space by maintaining its versatility. Priorities included a game viewing lounge, small group and personal study spaces, as well as the potential for students to entertain on a larger scale.

To work with this unique space, we proposed to engage the energy and amazing views from the building and to create an elevated but relaxed character. The new furniture is warm, eclectic, and durable. The new take on the space will make it a location for mixers, residence introductions and student-hosted events. An updated paint palette, new light fixtures and a clean-lined countertop all work to add sophistication to the impressive architecture of the venue.

The scope of this project also included an update of the building’s fitness area which resides on the lower level. With the lack of windows, we introduced a mural which effectively brings the outdoors in. We updated the lighting and added an accent wall of color to further enhance the feeling and energy of the potential of an inspiring sunrise on a new day.

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