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tech office designThe clients for this project wanted to modernize and elevate their space for presentations and meetings while capitalizing on the unique quality of the building they call their business home. They also wanted to improve the potential for employee productivity with a space that suited their desired workstyle. As they were in the process of rebranding their company, that new character needed to be brought to life with their remodel. This combination led to the complex design challenge of the project. Their new brand color was a vivid tangerine, and while that is a great energy color, balancing that with the color of existing structural elements needed to be approached carefully to achieve a pleasing result. This project was perfect for our tech office design service.

As with so many projects, we needed to be mindful of the budget. While the goal was to make a large functional and visual impact, the design needed to be tempered to gain the most effective result. With this we repurposed what we could. This included the once despised table left behind by a previous owner making it a stable visual element in the space, grounding and making sense of the rust and tangerine throughout.

Designed and executed in a responsibly sustainable way the result is a space that is:

  • Unique to their firm making them a memorable standout to their clients.
  • Far more functional with the modern meeting and presentation spaces they desired.
  • Benefiting from greater daylighting throughout with calculated wall placement and transparency.
  • Better thermal comfort through the introduction of control zones.
  • More energy efficient with the upgrade to LED fixtures and bulbs.
  • Celebrating the history of the building by punctuating the most intriguing aspects of the architecture.
  • Highlighting the energy of their updated brand for both employees and visitors to experience.
  • A dynamic result achieved within budget.

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