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showroom office designHere’s a great turnaround story! What was once a city waste site is now a beautiful home furnishings wholesale showroom, beaming with beauty and light with goods from around the world. As part of a city restoration, the site was excavated to depths of 12 feet in some areas to remove the waste and contaminated soil.

This project was perfect for our showroom office design service.

The new construction is a home accent and furnishing showroom, where beauty and light reside. Delicate pieces, such as Tiffany lamps, art, rugs, furniture, and other exquisite pieces are displayed in a modern, gallery-like setting. Contemporary display islands contrast with the warm curves and old-world aura of the antique-inspired lamps and their modern cousins composed of custom stained glass.

Showcased much like a museum gallery, each piece is given the attention it deserves with the sharp contrast of a clean backdrop to an intricate piece.

The custom-designed white display islands are a mix of stationary and movable and modular in design, giving the owner creative reign when displaying products.

Not to be overlooked, in this case, the new branding was developed based on the design of the showroom itself. The hired marketing team came in to see what the new feel was and worked with the PureAlchemy Design team on the ideas behind the design and from there the new branding strategy was developed.

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