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music studio designINITIAL CONSULTATION: Inthegroove is an original music house business focusing on the recording and promotion of artists and creating original scores for television programs and commercials. PureAlchemy received a call from the owners of Inthegroove to get some insight on how to enhance the entry of their dated space. The objective was to give their visiting clients a feel for what they could do and who they were on their way to becoming; a hip and talented house of original music.

CONCLUSIONS FROM DISCOVERY MEETING: Our initial meetings brought to the foreground that the company just beginning to be recognized in the field and larger and more discerning clients were starting to visit. As with any business, image was key and while the budget was small, the impact had to be big. The idea was to bring their brand to life in the space and the ultimate objective was to create a unique, ‘club-like’ and mood-inducing space. Their first choice was to renovate the space completely but their budget limitations didn’t allow for that, so it became imperative to reinvent as much of what was in place as possible. They’re perfect for our Music Studio Design service.


The challenges to this space were significant. The office itself was in the basement of the old WCCO radio building where concrete, painted brick, wall paneling, spare vinyl wallpaper and fluorescent lights were the previous installations of choice in what had been nothing but a storage and utility space for the life of the building.


OBJECTIVE: The goal was nothing short of a complete “reinvention” of the WCCO Building space (aka Brian and Danny’s “Little Corner of the Universe”) for it to better represent the musical brilliance developed at Inthegroove Music Studios.

LAYOUT: The footprint of the space was set and could not be altered significantly. Consequently, the task was to get the space to function optimally with a cohesive feel throughout.

ATMOSPHERE: Nightclub chic, bringing the Groovers out of the “basement” and into a more modern, up-to-date, sophisticated venue. The mood theme is cool industrial which underscores that Inthegroove takes their work seriously. This cool factor is coupled with warm earthy elegance making them also feel approachable. The “hits” of colorful and vibrant art throughout bring forward that we have something new and unique to offer.


Finishes were developed to minimize “reconstruction” of the space, but rather to maximize its potential. Thereby reaching the goal, of achieving the chosen mood theme at the most cost-effective price point.

Sustainability in Action:

  • Instead of replacing the old ceiling tile it was sprayed black and sapphire blue to lift the ceiling visually and to evoke an evening club vibe.
  • The painted brick of the space was color washed to highlight its inherent texture and to bring on a warm and inviting patina to the space.
  • Discarded drum-set pieces were used to create a glowing focal point mosaic piece of art in the entry.
  • The aged and pealing vinyl wallpaper was pulled-off and the texture was allowed to remain and was sealed in with glaze and paint to create a natural and modern texture look.
  • Circa 1970 wood paneling was primed and finished to resemble an aged steel wall trimmed in strips of copper.
  • Instruments that were stored to the side were brought front and center as the artwork of the space. Not only telling the story of what happens there but also to showcase the contemporary approach this group takes in their work.

The space now has a hip nightclub vibe where both clients and musician’s alike look forward to return visits. Creativity is fostered and the professional status of the company is underscored harmoniously.

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