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legal office interior designWhen you meet this attorney, you know that adventure is a big piece of his life. His stories will draw you in as he recalls one of his bike treks to through the mountains of Montana or his explorations of Manchu Picchu. He and his team need to work collaboratively, and a legal den is just the right space for them to tackle the big cases they prepare for within their office walls. So, the design challenge here was to add the personality of the attorney to the space while keeping it a functional place to work. This client was perfect for our law firm design service.


There were several criteria that needed to be met for the space to function well and exude the right character. Here are some of the challenges and their solutions:

  • The attorney wanted an open office concept with room for up to four support staff.
    • Five open office desk workspaces were created that offered modern conveniences while working well with the vintage pieces within the space.
  • The office suite had an abundance of natural character that needed to be uncovered and highlighted.
    • The mineral build-up on the walls needed to be addressed to reveal the beauty of the exposed brick. Hidden track lights were also added to highlight the texture of the brick and add dimensional drama.
  • As a passion of the client, the idea of biking needed to be included in the space in some way. Bike inspired fixtures became the lighting inspiration for the space including:
    • An artisan crafted chandelier comprised of tire rims, gears, and bike chains define the waiting/lounge area of the space.
    • A wheel inspired fixture highlights the conference room,
    • Whimsical gear-based pendants illuminate the galley break room and
    • All capped off with modern circular light fixtures for an intriguing ambient light canvas.
  • The amazing photos that the attorney usually shared on his phone were a potential for added character.
    • Large “window-sized” prints of the attorney’s adventures were added to the space as fodder for conversation and for a spark of visual energy while considering the next planned voyage.
  • The collection of antique and vintage pieces the attorney hoped to utilize.
    • Antique jury chairs from the old St. Paul courthouse added charm to the space. Worn leather pieces were incorporated into the office and underscored the years of experience the attorney had to share with his clients.
    • A damaged vintage table was refinished and the attorney’s family coat-of-arms, his new firm logo, was added to the table-top to become something of a true heritage piece.

A careful balance of modern and vintage elements combined to make for a new take on the traditionally uptight law firm design. The design plan was sustainably crafted by repurposing items that might have otherwise been discarded and commercial flooring with high recycled content was employed in the space. Lawyer meets adventurer-on-two-wheels is the character of this very personalized office space.

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