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hospitality interior designThe client company, founded over a quarter century ago, was updating their brand with a fresh twist to appeal to today’s clientele. Thus, their new office headquarters needed to reflect that sense of a reverence of the old, interpreted in a new way. The new space was designed to inspire their employees and those that visit the space subtly telling the story of a company that understands the meaning of hospitality. This project was perfect for our Hospitality Interior Design service.


The client’s requirements included three executive suites, eleven open-office desk spaces, three manager-level open offices, a collaborative location, functional conference room and kitchen space worthy of entertaining clients. Architecturally, the space was reconfigured to create a greater sense of space with function in mind. The new layout of the office was designed to maximize office capacity and collaborative work opportunities while creating personal spaces leading to these solutions:

  • A layout ideal for social distancing and solution when deferring traditional open office concepts.
  • Office alleys maximizing employee daylight exposure.
  • Short walls capped with live plants to introduce biophilic advantages both visually and for air quality.
  • An acoustic benefit to those on the phone or in conversation.
  • Charcoal black trim and accents were thoughtfully added to cleanly showcase the more complex interior architecture.

The budget was set at a challenging level to include all space modifications, built-ins as well as furniture acquisition. To keep the budget in check numerous approaches were employed in the space such as:

  • Keeping the current body of carpet and adding brand colored insets for character and space definition.
  • Only where high traffic was expected was new LVT introduced.
  • Select furniture pieces were repurposed in the new space.
  • An elegant color palette was crafted to enable less expensive finishes to show with an elevated perceived value.


The overall layout of the space was largely based on the need for the high number of desk space required as well as common spaces that would work well for hosted events.

  • Focus was to design a daylight rich space that is impactful from the vestibule while protecting work confidentiality.
  • A glass corridor was crafted to allow for daylight transmittance throughout the office and positioned to allow for the character of the colored carpet insets to visually lead the eye.
  • This corridor allows guests to make their way to the entertainment space without traffic interrupting those at work in the adjacent space.

Human Sustainability was taken into consideration through use of:

  • Color: The neutral base with punctuated color allows for versatility to highlight current clients and hosted onsite events.
  • Flow and Space Allocation: Inner office privacy and designed social spaces.
  • Air Quality: Updated HVAC filtration and live plant introduction.
  • Space Acoustics: limiting the introduction of hard surfaces and walls with foliage.
  • Daylighting: Aligning offices to maximize.

The result is a dynamic and engaging office space that is a modern interpretation of the company history. The feel of the office is rich and true to the company’s brand.


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