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corporate office designThis project was all about infusing the client’s very broad brand color palette into their space in a thoughtful way. The science of color, also known as chromatics, is all about light and the interactions light has with matter and how we perceive it; an appropriate metaphor for our approach.

Project Goals

The goal set by this Data Analysis company was to integrate the energy of their broad business approach, illustrated by their dynamic brand palette (image above), into the space they were currently renovating. They had worked with an architect to get the flow of the space just right but missing in their plans were the colors that represent them.

As much of the office was configured and neutral desking was to be repurposed from their previous space, the field of influence was heavily weighted on flooring, paint, murals and ancillary furniture items and some accent lighting. With that, careful consideration was given to the following:


Because of their strong brand personality, it was important to include novel flooring patterns within their space to accentuate their character but also to couple that with their colors. Once the products were identified that embodied the appropriate hues, we employed them in creative ways to make the experience a unique one.


To balance the bright flooring that we were introducing into the space we added balanced wall and industrial component accents with our colors. As a signature accent throughout we painted the exposed structural beams and pipe fittings their brand orange. Following our crafted flooring grid, we added inner office corridors of color for a contemporary yet colorfully impactful look. We also chose to make the stairwell a statement place by painting the stair rail and risers in brand blue.

Murals and Art

To keep things clean, we added their logo in special brick adhering film to the breakroom and data lab to create a painted image effect. We also had a custom wooden art piece crafted to anchor the primary working area wall with a full spectrum crescendo of brand color.

Ancillary Furniture

Ancillary furniture pieces were added in the brand colors as well to punctuate the space as needed with blue, green and orange as our primary anchor colors.

Accent Lighting

Pendant lighting was added to crown the stairwell in modern colorful globes and orange accent lighting was added to the breakroom and restrooms.


This project was initiated in early 2021 when covid restrictions were at a challenging high. The company has several employees at high risk, so their offices were officially closed for an extended time, so much of our work needed to be managed via zoom which was challenging when conveying our color story details.

The result is one of our most favorite projects to date with its full spectrum use of color. Our clients are delighted by their new workspace and have shared that visitors are always commenting on how much they enjoy the colors and particularly the flooring of the space.

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