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breakroom designThese innovatively minded clients fully understand the results and productivity you can realize when your employees feel valued and cared for. The impetus for the project was to create a relaxed “coffee shop meets our colorful brand” space for employees to take a break, have a meal and meet casually. As with the recently redesigned client meeting spaces, this area needed to include the company’s signature colors to keep the feeling throughout the entire company recognizably consistent. As a result, the clients contacted us about our breakroom design service.

The areas of this project included a cafeteria, locker room and restrooms. A significant challenge was that the employees utilizing these spaces work directly with various print inks that have the tendency to be tracked in on shoes as well as clothing. So, while the staff lounge design needed to have their brand character in mind, the furnishings and finishes selected needed to be very durable and capable of being cleaned with industrial cleaners.

This led to some creative solutions to make the employee lounge design all that it was envisioned to be. Some specifics included:

  • Artisan Hand fired floor tile to achieve the brand-colored tile carpet insets that could still provide the durability required in that space.
  • Special industrial-grade finishes were selected to withstand the frequent abrasive cleaning.
  • Larger windows were installed to allow for greater daylight exposure.
  • Multiple light settings options were added to provide a respite from the required bright lighting on the manufacturing floor.
  • A variety of seating options ranging from small groups, and individual lounges to larger high-top groups to allow employees to enjoy the environment that suits them most at the time.
  • The addition of bright and modern restroom and locker facilities. Again, adding to the feeling of a respite from work to regroup and head back refreshed and energized.

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