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Have you considered how the colors in your office affect your employees and how you do business? If not, take a moment to think about just how colors could be leveraged to achieve your business goals. Colors, after all, make a difference in influencing the moods and behaviors of your employees and clients.

Savvy business owners have been using the psychology of colors for years to achieve different things; from triggering positive moods in customers to boosting team members’ creativity. Here is a quick overview of how color can affect the inhabitants of your office space as shared in The Psychology of Colour in the Workplace.


Red is a bold and one of the most intense colors you could choose, but it certainly grabs attention. Red has physical effects on the body and increases the heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism. It can make staff more productive and give the illusion that time is passing quickly and can be good in high energy creative environments.


Blue is a more intellectual color and it’s known to stimulate the mind. Blue is also perceived as trustworthy, dependable, and secure, which is why it is so popular with financial institutions, medical companies, and insurance brokers. It can also be used to balance high energy colors to yield a “creative haven”, as in the studios of INTHEGROOVE music.


Yellow is a sunny, positive color that exudes an energetic and fresh ambiance. Color psychologists believe that it encourages innovation and is best used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers, and other creative professionals work.


Orange takes yellows optimism further into a more dramatic exuberance and youthful vitality, but isn’t as good for more “serious” industries. This color adds energy to a space that provokes optimism as in the FIRSTCHOICE Offices in Minneapolis, MN.


Green is predominantly associated with nature, tranquility, and balance. Clients can find green soothing so it’s a good choice for companies that tend to make people feel anxious.


Black is a powerful color to use when applied judiciously. It’s connected with authority, intellect, stability, and strength. This serious color can contrast well with the clean simplicity of white and make a bold statement.

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