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Light sets the moodWe constantly find ourselves surrounded by light. It is much more than just illumination. It inspires, attracts, enables communication, sets a mood, and has emotional qualities. Every building and space expresses and communicates an identity, and sometimes also a corporate value.” Sabine De Schutter 

Lighting can impact and improve everything about your office, from its architectural appearance to its color scheme. Updating to beautiful fixtures that reflect a new design sensibility is relatively easy, quick, and economical. Here are some quick guidelines to follow when upgrading your lighting:

Upgrade Your Design Aesthetic

Be sure to select pieces that complement your current color palette, metallic finishes or overall design sensibility, and these fixtures will blend with the feel of your current space even as they provide fresh design appeal.

Shift your color palette

Need to breathe some life into your room? Try adding color.

Improve on your office technology

Gadgets for your house don’t have to end with Alexa. Today’s lighting fixtures feature innovative technology and updated sustainability practices that can enhance your daily life.

Establish the flow of Your Office

Bringing in pendant lighting overhead will help divide areas; just center lights over each area that you want separate. This is ideal for today’s open office design.

Add personality

Sometimes, rooms just need an extra dose of style. A subtle, modern piece will break up a more traditionally styled room or a bold piece can add some cheer into a dark-toned or serious space.

Whatever your objective, lighting is one of the most effective ways to change how your space feels when you walk through the door. Start with something simple like adding an accent piece to your conference room or reception area, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make! Adapted from “5 Ways Lighting Can Update Your Space”.


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