Branding Office Space

We’ve covered how branding office space can increase creativity and productivity. In this post, we take things a step further. Corporate offices need special attention to the branding approach in their layouts. How the office designer brands the space can affect brand credibility and the guest experience in ways you may not have considered.

PureAlchemy Design has designed branded office spaces for a decade. Our philosophy is simple: utilize the elements of an office space design to ensure enhanced employee well-being, visitor engagement, and greater productivity. That includes layouts that support cognitive performance as well as, you guessed it, company branding.

Build Credibility

A branded office can create a cohesive and professional image for a company. It can also help to differentiate a company from its competitors and make it more memorable to clients and customers. Imagine, for example, walking into a corporate office without character and where the company logo, colors, and personality are nowhere to be found. Pretty forgettable, right?

Guests and employees will want to be in a space that exudes confidence and ethos, a place where they know their future is secure and they can comfortably share ideas for growth and improvement. 

Mindset Shift 

Diving a bit more into memorability, an unconventional approach to the branded office design can do wonders for creating that vital first impression. It used to be an office was designed with little identity in mind – an arbitrary paint plan, dull cubicles, no inspiration. Now, company executives are looking to spice things up, and with good reason.

Remember, your brand is about more than the color of the walls. Consider how you can also apply brand character and values throughout the space. Are you emphasizing non-profit organizations or charitable contributions? What about recreational areas for your employees to unwind? And, that leads us to the next topic…

Inspire Employee Loyalty

A well-branded office can also improve employee morale and make the work environment more pleasant. Employees want to work where there’s a sense of belonging. A visually pleasing, branded workspace can result in a working environment that employees are proud and motivated to come to.

What’s more, adhering to brand values throughout the office will engage employees in a dynamic way where they can “live” the brand culture.. Does your branded space inspire independence and original thought? Consider different ways of utilizing conference rooms, private offices, and technology to take things to the next level of employee morale.

Don’t Forget the Executive Office

These days, experts are clear about the need for more welcoming leadership among corporate organizations. Executive office designs should exhibit a balance of branded yet personalized aesthetics, adding depth to the visitor’s experience and relatability in an executive’s workspace.

Even the term executive can give off an intimidating vibe. Ensuring you’ve taken the time to incorporate the familiarity of brand with the personability of the executive’s identity will help break down those walls between leader and employee.

Enhance Your Branded Office Space with PureAlchemy Design

At PureAlchemy Design, we design office spaces to support both employee well-being and the company’s bottom line. From ideation through execution, our interior design expertise will support your new office every step of the way. We work with experienced construction contractors and vendors to ensure a quality build with a design you can be proud of.

Learn how we can take your branded office space to the next level – call or contact us online for a consultation. 

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